Scott Rollins is a singer/songwriter. His stuff is raw, honest, and human. I spent much of this past weekend listening to his music, and I came away feeling as though a friend had confided in me, that he trusted me, and that he opened up his life so that he could share his feelings with me. 
The thing that I love the most about Scott’s music is that it’s not bombastically overproduced. In other words, he doesn't need to hide behind a wall of manufactured bullshit to tell you a story, or to open his heart, or to touch the hearts of his listeners.
Scott’s a dear friend of mine, and I suggest that you give a few of his songs a listen. Especially if the idea of raw, honest, and human appeals to you. I know that it certainly appeals to me, and that’s why he was included in this weekend’s playlist along with John Prine, Steve Goodman, Kris Kristofferson, John Hartford, Hoyt Axton, and Levon Helm. And believe me, Scott fit perfectly in that group.
Finally, after giving a few of his songs a listen, order his new release, “A Train Full of Goats”.  Do it today, and thank me later. - Rick Maue

Title Landman

 With an impressive real estate background, Scott moved into title work. Cutting his teeth on right of way and survey abstracting, he quickly moved into oil and gas landwork. Scott is a master landman, with a wealth of experence behind him. He's worked counties all over the great State of Texas. Rollins is an outstanding landman, who holds two outstanding and admired virtues: integrity and professionalism. His services have even been used in court as expert whitness testimony.